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Oct 26, 2024 - Oct 26, 2024

Crafting Your Life Vision: Community Workshop

  • 1Day
Women holding vision boards


Registration for this workshop includes an online mini-course that contains templates and inspirational audio clips to help you pause, reflect, practice self-forgiveness and dare to dream. It is designed to give you the courage to start activating unexpected revelation and reflection to prepare you for our upcoming session. Your event will include: The Neuroscience Behind Vision Boards: Understand how neuroscience and crafting your vision board can help you discover and motivate you toward your desires and goals. Board Creation: Experience the magic of doing a vision board. Sometimes, we’re not even sure what goal to focus on more. Whether you’re creative or overwhelmed by Hobby Lobby, creating a vision board with intention always brings clarity to desires, wants, and goals. Bring images and photos that align with your goals or motivational quotes that will inspire you. Making Your Mark: The Power of Choice - This interactive segment encourages you to consider the 'why' behind your goals. This is where you’ll begin activating your newfound journey! From Vision to Reality - There is something powerful and inspiring about sharing vision and hearing others share. Gain new ideas to inspire and keep your goals growing. You'll also hear how your instructor, Laurene Klassen, certified Life Coach and Owner of Strength & Courage Coaching, LLC., has been turning her own vision board into a reality through her journey. Partnering with God on Your Journey - Discover God's desire to partner with you in your dreams! This class is all about propelling you forward. We're not just crafting vision boards for the sake of it; we're creating them to guide you toward your next best 'YES!' in life! Note: Upon completion of purchase, you will receive access to online materials.

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