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Hello, I'm Laurene. I'm delighted that you've taken the time to drop by. If you're curious about who I am and what a coach does, let me share a bit about myself and what I offer as a coach.

I have a strong passion for lifelong learning and professional development. I recently completed a graduate program in Executive Coaching at Southern Methodist University and I'm also a Certified Associate Christian Life Coach from the International Christian Coaching Institute.

In addition to my formal education, I've also faced significant challenges in life. At the age of 21, I tragically lost my father in a car accident that resulted in my mother suffering a traumatic brain injury, leading me to withdraw from school at the time to care for her.  I've never allowed obstacles to hinder my pursuit of education. I've been a caretaker for a significant portion of my life, personally experiencing the stress and obstacles life can throw at us. Through it all, I rely on God's strength and courage to pursue His dreams for me.

My true passion lies in helping people achieve their dreams. I firmly believe in empowering my clients to explore their options and make choices that best serve them. I also value accountability and will support you in finding a healthy balance as you move forward.

If you're considering coaching, there's no better time than now to pursue your life's passions. Perhaps you're unsure of what goals to pursue, and that's perfectly fine! I've been in that place, too, feeling lost in the dark when it comes to dreams. We can start there together and uncover your passions.

Coaching has transformed my own life, challenging me to discover my life's purpose and follow the gifts that God has placed within me. As your coach, I'll stand by your side and help unlock the treasure that lies within you. Let's embark on this journey together and explore the incredible internal wealth you posses.


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further information. I'm more than happy to schedule a discovery call to explore how we can work together. Thank you for investing your time in reading this, and I truly look forward to connecting with you soon!

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