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Unlock Your Potential
Embrace Your Authentic Self

“Coaching is about helping clients unlock the treasure-chest of their lives – worth bearing in mind then that diamonds are made from coal under pressure and it's the grit in the oyster which creates the pearls.” – Sarah Durrant

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What’s the difference between mentor, consultant, counselor, and coach?

A mentor shares their own treasure-finding story, while a consultant provides step-by-step guidance. A counselor helps you explore past barriers to moving forward, and a coach shines a light and asks, "Which keys do you already have to unlock the treasure chest?"

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What makes coaching with you unique?

I'm all too familiar with the feeling of being stuck – I've grappled with uncertainty, loss, and the challenge of charting a new course firsthand. My journey from feeling blind to the future to finding freedom has deeply influenced my coaching approach. I firmly believe that intentional growth births clarity, and I'm here to champion your development every step of the way. My coaching style blends traditional philosophies with personalized tools like life mapping and goal setting. Additionally, I offer faith-based coaching packages aimed at deepening your spiritual journey. Ready to take the next step? It's never too late to redefine your vision. Reach out, and let's start shaping your next best "YES."

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