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Embracing Forgiveness: A Journey of Divine Surrender and Grace

woman on bended knee
Photo by Me Ra Koh

Forgiveness. Can this really be achieved? I’m convinced it can’t be done without divine intervention, and a willingness to bow a knee in surrender. Forgiveness requires grace and humility, remembering I too have done wrong in life and requires open hands to release someone from the harm they’ve caused.

It’s not “forgive & forget” nor is it sweeping something under the rug to curate a reflection of harmony instead of working to achieve true peace itself.

It does not mean reconciliation or that trust is immediately rebuilt. It’s an act of surrender acknowledging the bruises in battle but choosing a new garment to move forward. Forgiveness may be one the most fragile places you’ll ever walk through and the most freeing too. It’s the moment you say, “they owe me nothing” and you are free from keeping score, laying down your tally sheet and choosing God’s hand of help to walk you through.

Forgiveness is learned hopefulness not helplessness.

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