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Fostering a Supportive Workplace for Grieving Employees

Updated: May 5

The following is an excerpt of a guest blog post written for and published by HerNexx Chapter.

sad woman

As of August 1, 2023, the global death toll due to the coronavirus alone has exceeded 6 million, according to the Worldometers website. This one piece of data alone should serve as a compelling reason for leadership and development training organizations to consider providing enhanced guidance for managers to support their employees who may be grieving.

From my own experiences of loss, I have seen the importance of knowing when and how to temporarily set aside ROI assessments and project deadlines to foster a supportive environment for our most vital asset – our human capital.

Grief is an unavoidable presence that infiltrates our workplaces every day. It coexists with the employee who clocks in for their morning shift and stands beside the executive, striving to close a deal over a game of golf. Given its omnipresence, managers cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the grief experienced by their team their team members.

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