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"Change is inevitable but growth is optional."
-John Maxwell
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I help others say
to growth so they can redefine vision and gain momentum.

Thanks for stopping by. Whether you found this site from my blog, or heard about my coaching services or workshops from a friend, my goal is to extend my hand and heart to you as you begin exploring your vision, set meaningful goals, and gain clarity for the next season of life.

Have you ever felt lost in the whirlwind of life's chaos, or weighed down by the residue of just trying to survive? The daily grind can easily overwhelm us. We often forget that we have the power to choose our perspective, to say "yes" when we usually say "no."


What if you could flip your mindset and rewrite your story?


Can you imagine saying "yes" to learning and growth? "Yes, I'm ready to master this. Yes, I'm excited to flourish here." Coaching is a transformational journey where you begin to discover the treasures you already possess.

As a strategic vision partner, I'm here to stand by you, cheering you on to embrace that bold and resounding "YES."  Together, we'll spark momentum, align with your vision, and reignite purposeful goals.


If you're feeling stuck, don't give up hope - it's waiting for you, and I'm here to help you find it.

Laurene is a fantastic coach. She offers a powerful “navigational partnership” that helps you put your personal priorities into sharp focus and set a course for where you want to go. Through thoughtful questions and engaged listening, she can help you identify what is important, define what success looks like, anticipate and address roadblocks, and commit to actions you can take today.
You never leave the driver’s seat, but with Laurene you can gain an incredible navigational partner.

A.C. - Richardson, TX

Emily Blackmore, OK

Picture of Emily Blackmore
"Laurene not only listens well, but also cares about the people around her. When appropriate, she shares meaningful life lessons that are relevant and helpful in dealing with the current situation.”

Maureen MacKinnon, MA

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“Laurene is the real deal; she is caring, kind, and compassionate. She offers various perspectives and asks excellent questions during her coaching sessions! Laurene has really helped me move forward with my next steps.”
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